Ever wondered where the word 'horchata' comes from?  Read on to find out...

Legend has is that a young girl once offered a sweet, white drink to the King of Aragon, Jaime I.  "What is that?" he asked the young girl, pleasantly surprised by its flavour.  "It's tigernut milk" she responded, to which he replied "Aixo no es llet, aixo es or xata" ("That is not milk, that is gold, my pretty one").  Many attribute the word 'horchata' to this appraisal of the drink by the King.

Legend or reality, 'horchata' is a drink made from the 'chufa' (tigernut), a typical Valencian product.  Jaime I was not the only one to be fascinated by the drink - Valencian horchata, traditionally considered as a refreshing beverage, is actually much more than that.  Nowadays it is an indispensable part of the mediterranean diet due its innumerable health benefits.

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