Here's a fantastic recipe and preparation guide for 'Blanc i Negre' courtesy of El Bon Plat, spanish caterers based in Dorset.

Blanc I Negre is the name we give to Horchata mixed with granissat de café in Castellón.
It is an exceptionally refreshing drink and could be enjoyed any time of day really.
The granissat is usually made in a special machine with rotating blades which produces perfect little frozen balls of coffee but can be made very successfully at home.


Horchata, Coffee, lemon rind, (sugar optional)
The coffee.


You can make as much or as little as you wish but as a rough guide you will need around 300ml for each litre bottle of Horchata.

If you have a percolator or are lucky enough to own an espresso machine then you will be able to make a nice strong coffee but a mix of strong black instant coffee will do just as well.

Put the cooled coffee and a couple of strips of lemon rind into a large plastic food box or Tupperware and pop into the fridge overnight to bring the temperature down as low as possible before starting the freezing process.

If you like a sweeter drink and are using sugar add it to the hot coffee before cooling.

Once the coffee has cooled overnight put the whole thing into the coldest part of the freezer.
Keep checking the mixture every 20 minutes or so and watch for ice crystals, when you see them forming mix with a fork or shake the container vigorously, keep this up until you have a box full of little chunks of frozen coffee.
You could also freeze the whole lot into one big chunk and use an ice crusher or blender when you are ready to make the Blanc I Negre

Now quite simply mix 1 part frozen coffee to 2 parts Horchata and drink through a straw.

The next time you come home from a hard day at work or a long hot day out with the family make yourselves a tall Blanc I Negre it will refresh you and top up your energy levels, perfect for the long summer evenings.