I well recall the day I tried to encourage a squeamish friend to eat Morcilla. He had no wish to taste blood sausage. Now, for me, good Morcilla is a delight.

It may be calorific. I don't care. It's a triumph of Spanish food. It gets even better when it comes in the form of Morcilla de Burgos.

Here the sausage comes with rice within it. Not just rice, but a recipe for the black pudding of Burgos may also include onions, lard, salt and pimentón.
It sounds odds. It tastes wonderful.

Is it truly, as is often claimed, the best Morcilla in Spain?

Rafa is a chef working in Burgos. I met him when I found myself being wined and dined in this dramatic city.
He says emphatically: “Yes, I say that Morcilla de Burgos is the very best Morcilla to be tasted anywhere in Spain. Once you have tasted this sausage, it will become your first choice Morcilla.”

I apologise to Rafa for the reluctance of my friend to try it.
Rafa replies: “How can anyone not try Morcilla de Burgos at least once? I often serve a pintxo of Morcilla de Burgos as a free appetizer. I want people who have never tasted it, to get to know it and like it as much as I do.

“Would your friend reject a date with Penelope Cruz or Paz Vega? Would he refuse a season ticket to watch Barcelona play football? No! So why not eat Morcilla de Burgos?”

For the record, my friend Chris would not turn down a date with either of the beautiful Spanish actresses. But, I’m sad to say, he stubbornly refused to try Morcilla in any form.

In my experience most people do come around to liking Morcilla in general, and Morcilla de Burgos in particular. The only people I have met who cannot eat it are those who have an aversion to rice itself.

Burgos is a splendid city. Full of history and grandeur. It’s bars and restaurants are very popular with locals and visitors alike. How could they not be when they serve up such great food?

But you don’t have to visit the city to enjoy the specialty that is Morcilla de Burgos. It is a classic Spanish dish and is served across much of Spain.