We all know by now that Spain has a lot of interesting foods to offer. Tapas, paella, all kinds of fish and meat - people who enjoy good food and a glass of equally good wine after the meal will surely find Spain the perfect country for experiencing culinary highlights. As is often the case the different regions all have their own regional specialities. This article focuses on what the beautiful island of Majorca has to offer in terms of food and suggests good places to eat and stay.

The Majorcan cuisine is generally very much focused on fish, pork and vegetables of all kinds. Also, olive oil is heavily used in traditional Majorcan food. Fish is widely available in almost every restaurant, and sea bass, prawns and lobster are very popular. Also, various pork dishes have a long tradition on the island. Pork sausages are especially popular, and there are various different ones, including botifarro (cured pork with blood) and sobrasada (minced pork with red pepper). When it comes to vegetarian dishes, tumbet is a genuine classic. It is similar to a ratatouille and contains aubergine, peppers and potatoes. Side dishes often consist of bread, and there is even a main dish available, called Pa amb Oli, which is basically bread with oil.

Places to eat and stay

All these regional specialities can be enjoyed at a variety of places. It is a good tip however, to be on the lookout for smaller and more hidden restaurants since those often offer better food than the large restaurants in touristy areas. One of the best restaurants in Palma - and nonetheless not overcrowded with tourists - is the Restaurante Toque which offers a selection of the best local food and has a small but exquisite wine card.

Another good tip is the La Parada Del Mar, also in Palma. What is great about this place is that there is a sales counter where one can choose which fish one wants to eat and also how one wants to have it prepared.
The last tip is the Restaurante Contraste that offers a great price performance ratio and a large selection offer traditional Majorcan cuisine.

Since Majorca is a favorite island among tourists finding accommodation shouldn’t be too difficult. The Zoover recommendations for Spain list the top places to stay from resorts to camping sites all around the country and also offer a specific category just for Majorca so you can read reviews from genuine holiday makers about their experiences at eating establishments, accommodation and landmarks.