Do people still eat in flight food? I have no idea. I haven't done so for years. But then I try to time my rare flights out of Spain so that I can enjoy a nice lunch of Spanish food before I take off.

Failing that, I will make sure I land back in Spain just at the right time. That way I can be in a chosen restaurant around 2pm for a relaxing lunch. After all, the child in the seat behind will have been kicking me in the rear for the last three hours, so I will need to chill out.

If flying between, for example, Malaga airport and my base in Granada; I have two choices. A decision to make. Do I go the quicker route along the coast or should I venture inland?

Either way, there are some great places to stop off to eat.

If time is an issue then the nearest port of call to the airport would be the line of restaurants between El Palo and Pedregalejo. They are located on the outskirts of Malaga, no more than a half hour drive to or from Malaga airport.

Here you are spoiled for choice as to where to eat. If time is precious, and you love fish and seafood, then the express service at El Tintero is perfect. No fussing around with menus. Just watch what is being cooked on the open air grill and barbecue. Waiters walk around with a procession of tempting dishes. They shout out the name and allow you to take a quick look at what is on the plate. It is fast food of the highest order, Spanish style. And, along with the food on offer, the view of the sea is to die for.

So what to eat?

How about some sumptuous pulpo. True, the very best servings of Octopus are up in Galicia. But that is much too much of a diversion en route to Malaga airport! They serve great pulpo at several restaurants along the seafront outside Malaga.

Or you could just play safe and enjoy some grilled sardines. They are highly unlikely to trouble you in flight. And, let's face it, sardines grilled and served with some sea salt is a whole load better for you than a soggy, so called panini containing two pieces of chicken in a tikka masala sauce!

Those who want to eat meat before their flight may think that the long line of fish restaurants here mean they will have to make do with one of those awful in flight sandwiches. Not a bit of it.

Walk along the seafront at Pedregalejo until you come to a bar and restaurant called La Paloma. Here you can forget fish and, instead, sample a juicy Argentinian steak or a lovely lamb kebab cooked in spices.

If you like living dangerously, then try some hot and spicy Pimientos Padrón. Warning! These little, harmless looking peppers can be very hot and may come back to haunt you while you sit above the clouds at 33.000 feet!

Next time I shall offer suggestions where to eat if you are taking advantage of the new flights, beginning in July 2013, from London City airport into and out of Granada.

Because, when all is said and done, who wants to eat canteen food on an airplane?

Not me!