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Sliced, Boneless, Whole Leg Gran Reserva, Iberico...

Spanish ham (jamon) is prized the world over and whether you choose to go authentic with a whole leg of Serrano or Iberico ham, or choose one of our convenient boneless or pre-sliced packs, you are assured top quality and superb flavour.

Our whole legs of Serrano ham are Gran Reserva quality, meaning a minimum of 16 months curation, and come from a popular and established producer.  The result is a fully developed flavour at an affordable price.
  • Our flagship ham product since 2005.
  • RRP £120. Massive savings for our customers.
  • Absolutely top quality Gran Reserva ham.
  • An exquisite 'pata negra' Iberico ham
  • Cured for 24 months for incredible flavour
  • A step up from regular Serrano
  • The absolute highest grade of ham available
  • Acorn fed, black-footed Iberian pork
  • Cured for 36 months for incredible flavour
  • Thinly sliced cured Spanish ham.
  • Convenient 100g portion pack.
  • Also known as Serrano Ham.
  • Thinly sliced cured Spanish ham.
  • Also known as Serrano Ham.
  • Bulk pack for larger families or businesses.
  • Sliced, for convenience
  • Cured for 24 months for incredible flavour
  • An exquisite 'pata negra' Iberico ham
  • Pre-sliced cured Spanish meats
  • 30g each of lomo, chorizo, cecina, jamon and salchichon.
  • Instant Spanish meat platter.
  • Boneless serrano ham half leg.
  • Very little fat - highest meat yield.
  • Should be sliced thinly on a slicing machine.
  • Boneless, fat-removed, vacuum packed
  • Highest quality Iberico ham
  • 100% yield - nothing gets thrown away