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Quick Cook Valencian Paella with Stock and Rice

Quick Paella Valenciana (Stock, Ingredients + Rice) 1040 g

  • Takes the work out of preparing a fresh, mixed paella.
  • Delicious, premium quality ingredients.
  • Boil the stock, add the rice, wait 20 mins, serve!
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What is it? The classic Valencian paella, with vegetables and chicken, now easier than ever to prepare. Serves 2.

This has to be the quickest way to prepare fresh paella and other rice dishes! Precooked, tinned or frozen rice dishes are usually bland - but this product avoids that problem by allowing you to prepare a freshly cooked product with the minimum of fuss.

The tin contains the fresh ingredients and stock in just the right proportion to the authentic paella rice in the separate pot. The ingredients are of the highest quality and processed whilst fresh for an incredible product. Our supplier even produces their own delectable stock from their own primary ingredients, so you are assured of an outstanding result.

The flavour of the resulting dish really is superb and beats many restaurant or home-cooked dishes. Even paella connoisseurs will be delighted.

This product is free of genetically modified ingredients.

Directions for Use: Just pour the contents of the tin into a frying pan or paella pan and heat to boiling point. Throw in the rice, mix and reduce to simmer for about 15 minutes or until all the rice has been absorbed.
Ingredients: Chicken Stock 74.1% (water, concentrated chicken stock, soy, yeast extract, vegetables in varying propotion, spices, olive oil), colorant, chicken, leek, carrot), fried vegetables 14.1% (vegetables, olive oil), beans 3.5%, green beans 3.5%, chicken 3.5% (chicken breast, water, tapioca starch, salt, sugar, wheat dextrose, modified corn starch, syrup, stabiliser: sodium diphosphate E450i, powdered skimmed milk, natural chicken flavouring, peas 1.3%.
Alergy Warnings: Contains Eggs, Wheat, Soya, Celery, Milk, Gluten, Mustard.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.
Maximum Shelf Life: 18 months

Please note that this is the shelf-life the product is given the day it is made in the factory, so transport and storage times may considerably eat into this period. The actual shelf-life of the product you receive may be much shorter than this. We include this information as a guide so you can get an idea of the shelf-life in terms of years, months, weeks or days. If you need to know the exact best-before date of the current batch, get in touch and we'll be happy to tell you.

Produced in: La Coruña, Galicia
Shipping Weight: Kg
Contents: Kg

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