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Award-Winning Premium Spicy Chorizo Hoop

Rodriguez Spicy Chorizo (Leon) 600 g Approx


  • The absolute best chorizo we have ever tasted.
  • Gold 'Taste' award winner in 2009.
  • Can be used for slicing and eating or cooking.
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This is our ultra-premium chorizo from Leon - made from only selected cuts of premium pork and cured for longer to produce a firm texture, perfect for slicing.

The grind is surprisingly smooth, and flavour just incredible.

This is the best chorizo we've ever tasted - in either the UK or Spain and we continue to convert chorizo lovers to this celebrated brand. The experts obviously agree with us - this chorizo was a winner of a prestigious Gold Award at the Great Taste Awards 2009!

These large hoops are much bigger (and better) than those commonly found in UK supermarkets and represent great value for money.

Directions for Use: Ready to be consumed but can be used for cooking as well.
Ingredients: Loin of Pork, Spanish Paprika, Salt, Garlic, Oregano, Sugars, Lactose, Stabilizer (E-452c), Antioxidant (E-300, E-251), Preservatives (E-250, E-251). No colorants.
Alergy Warnings: Contains lactose.
Storage Instructions: Refrigerate. Once opened will begin to dry out, but can wrapped to slow drying.
Maximum Shelf Life: 1 year

Please note that this is the shelf-life the product is given the day it is made in the factory, so transport and storage times may considerably eat into this period. The actual shelf-life of the product you receive may be much shorter than this. We include this information as a guide so you can get an idea of the shelf-life in terms of years, months, weeks or days. If you need to know the exact best-before date of the current batch, get in touch and we'll be happy to tell you.

Produced in: Leon
Shipping Weight: Kg
Units per Case: 14
Contents: Kg

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