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Galicia recipes and guides and informative articles about the food, cuisine and gatronomic culture of Galicia in Spain.

Some of the very best Spanish food I have tasted has been served to me in Galicia. They know how to cook up here, in so called green Spain. It rains often here. The upside to that is it means you will want to be indoors. Eating. 

The best seafood soup I have eaten anywhere was prepared for me by a restaurant in Galicia. Galicia is heaven for those who like their fish and seafood. The locally caught fayre is varied and plentiful. Octopus, Mussels, Langoustines, Scallops and Oysters are readily available. A particular favourite of mine is Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician octopus). A very spicy dish where the octopus is cooked with paprika. Caldeirada (Galician fish stew) is also a dish you should try your hand at. Made with potatoes and a white fish of your choice. 

It can be cold and very wet in Galicia. That’s when your mind turns to making the traditional Caldo Gallego (Galician soup) that contains local vegetables, a ham knuckle, chorizo and white beans.  And then there is the Empanada. Another Galician treat. It is a tasty snack that Galicians have eaten for centuries, to see of hunger. The fillings nowadays can be made of almost anything. Meat, sardines, clams. 
If you find yourself in location such as the religious capital of Santiago de Compostela, or the smashing town of Pontevedra, be sure to try one. They are sold everywhere in Spain these days. But, like so much other Spanish food; it tastes best in gorgeous Galicia.
Empanada for Everyone!
Sweet or savoury, there’s a bit of flaky pastry goodness for everyone!
Galician Octopus
It rains often in Galicia, but at least you'll get some of the finest seafood to be found anywhere in Spain.
Islas Cies, Galicia: Part 2
OK, so we left Leon early on Friday morning and made the three and half hour drive across to Vigo. 
Islas Cies, Galicia: Part 1
We all know it's best not to get carried away with outlandish claims of places being 'the best in the world' - it generally only leads to disappointment.
Tuna Empanada
Empanadas are typical from the North West region of Spain – Galicia and Asturias mainly.
Galician Almond Tart
Santiago de Compostela in Galicia gives its name to this delicious Tarta de Santiago.
Pimientos de Padrón
Full of flavour, Pimientos de Padrón hail from Galicia.
Veggies in Spain
If home-cooking is your thing, head to the local markets for a great choice of fresh vegetables.
Lamb Cutlets with Fresh Fig Sauce
Succulent lamb chops and a delightful fig sauce from Pontevedra, Galicia.
Seafood Soup
Galicia is the home of great seafood soups: filling, warming and wonderful.
Baked Mussels in Tomato and Olive Sauce
Mussels and Albarino white wine is a mighty fine combination.
Bacon Squid Bundles with Squid Ink Vinaigrette
Spanish dishes like this are so delicious and easy to prepare.
Soup with Beans and Greens
Some of the best Spanish soups you'll taste come from Galicia.
Mussel and Prawn Soup
Mussels: A joy to behold and a delight when served in this warming soup.
Oysters in Spain
As early as the 16th century Galician oysters were popular among the more wealthy Spaniards.
Turbot with Seafood
This meal, which mixes turbot with some local seafood, is a real favourite in Galicia.
Pilgrim Scallops (Galician-Style)
Fish and seafood lovers will be in heaven when they arrive in Galicia.
Cured Pork Shoulder with Turnip Tops
Galicia has more original dishes, and serves heartier food, than any other region of Spain.
Eating Lamprey in Galicia
Galicia is one of the best places to go in Spain for the best produce caught in Spanish waters.
Mussels with Parsley
Parsley is great with a variety of fish and seafood, especially with mussels.
Duck in Honey with Figs
In this dish, the honey keeps the duck really succulent and moist.
Clams in Tomato Sauce with Garlic
Spanish tomatoes are superb when used as a sauce, and this one is full of garlic too.
Galician Soul Food for Autumn in London
Galician expat Marta Lopez uncovers London’s most authentic Galician restaurants.
Spanish food for ten euros
People often ask to see what i was able to buy at a local food market. Well here is what i bought yesterday. 
Be Spicy!
Should my spice rack ever be even close to empty, I would panic.
Tarta de Santiago (Galician Almond Cake)
I am very choosy about the cakes I eat in Spain. So many are so very calorific.
Vieiras de Santiago
In the first of three recipes that directly benefit from using Spanish tomatoes, here is something a bit special.
Galician Monkfish
Monkfish has much going for it. Light, tasty and very low in fat.  It's widely available throughout Spain
Galician Stew
Cabbage can be used in a wide range of soups and in stews, as is the case with this recipe. It is for a traditional Galician stew.
Lamprey in its own Juices
Lamprey can be used in a variety of recipes. One of the simplest being in a guisada - this is when one food is roasted or cooked. 
Lobster; Fish Stew
Some of the best seafood served in Spain is served in Galicia. Including this meal of lobster with mussels or clams.
Traditional Dining: Galicia, Asturias & Castilla-León
Spanish food has world-wide fame for its rich flavours and pick-and-mix approach, but in some areas, the real magic comes from the eateries themselves.