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Chicken Recipes, Chicken Tapas Ideas, Chicken Cooking Guides...

Here's where you'll find all the articles from Spanish Food World about Chicken in one place - recipes, tapas ideas and guides.  When you've found what you need, visit our online store and grab some of the best Spanish produce in the UK!
Chicken Livers in Sherry
Sherry: An Andalucían masterpiece that is more than just a drink.
Chicken with Sobrasada Sausage
This recipe comes from the island of Majorca, where they have shops dedicated to this unique sausage.
Chicken with Prawns
Seasoning and great fresh ingredients; a marriage made in heaven.
Chestnut and Chicken Hotpot
Here is an excellent hotpot from the hot spot of Extremadura.
Chicken in Batter with Honey and Mustard
A recipe from Girona; an area of Spain where chefs try something different and produce new tastes.
Bean Pot with Chorizo, Chicken and Beef
Chickpeas are a central ingredient of this famous stew from the city of Burgos
Chickpea and Chicken Stew
Once exclusively used in the Canary Islands and Extremadura, you'll now find chefs using coriander all over Spain.
Chicken with Almonds
Make like the Spanish and use almonds in every recipe you can.
Chicken with Garlic
Smothered in garlic - the most delicious way to eat chicken.
Video Guide: Chicken Paella
How to make a simple chicken paella using Carmencita's classic and popular paellero spice mix.
Spicy Spanish Stew with Chicken and Chorizo
We're pleased to help you extend your Spanish food knowledge with this information.
Chicken breasts with Orange
Duck and chicken go well with orange and some of the best salads I have eaten in Spain have included slices of orange.
Chicken recipes
Other premises offering Chicken asado sell them for a little less.
Honey Baked Chicken Thighs
When i was on a tapas tour yesterday, someone mentioned to me how rare it is to be served chicken as a tapas.
Roast Chicken Breast Stuffed with Salmon
Spain is not known for serving curried dishes. But they are gaining popularity. This recipe delivers excellent tapas for four people.