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Andalucia recipes and guides and informative articles about the food, cuisine and gatronomic culture of Andalucia in Spain.

Within Spain the gastronomy of Andalucia is not considered worthy of a seat at the top table. Having lived there for many years, I think this is a mistake. 

In understanding the food of any Spanish region, one must first look at the history of gastronomy there. Andalucia was for centuries the poorest part of Spain and people had to make do with whatever they could lay their hands on, or pick from the trees. Times have changed and, just as cities such as Granada, Seville and Jerez are now much wealthier places, the food on offer in Andalucia is in every sense richer than it once was.

If you are buying your own ingredients then the local weekly markets are awash with fresh vegetables and fruit. You will also be well supplied with fresh fish, plentiful pork, great gazpacho and superb serrano ham. 

Dishes will comprise of some of the best produce grown locally. Olives, almonds, lemons and oranges are used in cooking or in refreshing salads. All along the coastline of Andalucia you will be served freshly landed seafood and fish. Sardines are always popular and can often be found being grilled on the beach itself outside frontline restaurants. 

The Moors ruled here for 800 years and Arab influence has left its mark on the cooking in the region. Kebabs, meatballs and the use of spices in cooking are so typical of what the Moors left behind. Tapas originated in Andalucia, and in the province of Granada, these often delightful small snacks are served free with your drinks in a bar. Alcohol itself is used often in the preparation of main meals. Especially Sherry from places such as Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.  

Serrano ham is air dried, cured ham that is a speciality of the mountain villages of La Alpujarra, high above Granada. People drive many miles to sample local ham and it is exported worldwide. The pig is omnipresent in Andalucia. Locals love pork and the chorizo and morcilla sausages are signature meat dishes in Andalucia.
Pork in Almond Sauce
A delightful Spanish meal, combining Andalucían almonds grown in vast quantities with the finest pork.
Slowly-Roasted Pork
Pork is the favoured meat among Andalucians.
Partridges with Oranges
Originating from Seville, this meal just begs to be served with oranges.
Jamon Broth
You'll always find a good sopa de picadillo in Andalucía.
Avocado Soup
As with Gazpacho, this chilled avocado soup hails from Andalucia.
Artichokes with Lemon
A refreshing way of combining two of Andalucía's best home-grown ingredients.
Clams in Sherry
Clams are always best served with the finest wine or sherry from Jerez de la Frontera.
Location Guide - Dining Out in Denia
Visiting a very popular tourist destination can come as a bit of a culture shock for someone living in the heart of rural Andalucia. 
Restaurant Review - Gaitan, Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera is a classy city. The people here actually look down their noses at those from neighbouring Seville. And that takes some doing!
Location Guide - Nerja, Costa del Sol
So what do you eat when you find yourself taking a holiday in Spain in a place where you can eat food from all over the world?
Summer is Coming. Dine Out Under the Stars.
 I think that one of the real joys of living in Spain is seeing so many people enjoying great Spanish food, dining outside cafes and restaurants, late into the night.
Restaurant review - El Chambao de Joaquin, La Herradura
Go there at the height of summer holiday season and you will spend much of your time lost in admiration for how the staff cope with such vast numbers of diners.
Bodega El Socorro, Ronda
Sometimes, when eating out in Spain, there is a danger that you can remember a bar or restaurant with rose tinted spectacles.
In Search of the Perfect Croqueta
Never more is that the case than when you are served a croqueta. Stuffed with ham or chicken or fish, the simple croqueta is best when made on the premises.
One Day of Eating in Granada
A day spent wandering the city centre of Granada , sampling the food on offer is a day well spent.
Getting High on Spanish Food
The Sierra Nevada ski resort is the most southerly resort in Europe and one that is often overlooked by those who like to ski or snowboard.
Sardines on a Stick
Fat, juicy, succulent Sardines. Does Spanish food come any better?
When I am dining out along the Malaga coastline, the answer is no.
Restaurant Review - Iguana, Almuñécar
So often in Spain you will find a restaurant where the food is great but the view nothing special.
Restaurant Review - La Cantina de Manuel, Padul
When the vastly experienced Diego Morales left his secure post as head chef at a top Granada restaurant, many people in the trade thought he was crazy.
Restaurant Review - Paladar, Granada
Most restaurants that are located on central avenues of Spanish cities can do well, even in a recession.
Restaurant Review - Chambao El Vizco, Durcal
After eight years of trying, I know that dining out in Andalucia can resemble playing the lottery.
Restaurante El Asador, Capileira
Sometimes watching a Spanish chef in action is an education. So it is when you stand at the bar of Restaurante El Asador in the town of Capileira, high in the La Alpujarra mountains.
Meson La Hacilla, Güéjar Sierra
My mission to find the perfect Menú del dia, or set meal of the day, enters its eighth year.
Restaurante El Avalon, Nerja
Don't you just hate it when you discover a great restaurant that consistently delivers a good meal only for it to move location? 
Restaurante El Tintero II, Malaga
One particular aspect of dining out in Spain can add to the pleasure gained from the food you eat.
Restaurante Quintana, Riofrio, Andalucia
What are you going to eat if you go to a restaurant which offers, as a view, a trout farm?
Cheese, Cherries and Gazpacho in Úbeda
Summer temperatures in and around Jaen can exceed 40 degrees celsius. Too hot to go out and the need for cooling food is ever more important.
Plate up while the surf's up!
For those wanting a bit of R&R in Europe, Spain gets the gold star with its beautiful coastline and beaches which complement the country's colourful culture and history.
Location Guide - San Roque Rocks!
San Roque is the Spanish town where Spain meets Great Britain. How is that possible?, I hear you ask.
Bodega Tour of Granada Province
When you go on a tour you will get a chance to sample the wine and be offered a snack. Touring the bodegas of Spain is big business.
Award Winning Patios and Tortilla in Córdoba
May is a busy time in Spain. The weather is getting warmer and the opportunities to eat out increase.
Just Off The Motorway - Guadix
In my continuing mission to point you in the direction of interesting places to visit, and good places to eat, that are just off a Spanish motorway; I suggest you take the turn off for Guadix. 
Eating Just Off The Motorway
In the UK there used to be a useful book called 'Just Off the Motorway.' 
It's Cruces time in Granada
My favourite fiesta in Spain is in early May. The Día de la Cruces, the day of the crosses in Granada. I never miss it.
The Restorative Powers of the Waters of Lanjaron
I love the fact that I don't pay for bottled water in Spain. I fill up my empty bottles at Lanjarón, the town at the gateway to the La Alpujarra mountains.
Taste of Cadiz
Cadiz has been identified with fine Spanish food for centuries. Those who sailed here during various historic wars would refuel their stomachs in Cadiz.
Tarifa - Where Oceans Collide
There can be all manner of reasons why a location in Spain becomes famous. The food. It's history.
On The Road to Seville
On a drive to Seville you can stop off at some fabulous destinations that are a little south or east of the city.
Eating Sea Urchins in Cadiz
There are many reasons to go to the historic Spanish city of Cadiz. Early in the year one reason is to taste what is on offer at the Spanish food festival that takes place each January.
The Altiplano of Granada
When travelling Spain seeking out new sights and tastes there is nothing better than coming across somewhere by chance.
The Highs and Lows of Loja
One of the fascinations of discovering the vast and varied country of Spain are the extremes.
Hot Under the Collar in Ecija
Seville is a great city in Spain best seen out of the height of summer when temperatures can exceed fifty celsius.
Eating religiously in Antequera
Antequera may not be the most famous location in all of Andalucia, but it is the most centrally located.
Churros in El Chorro
So often our judgement abut a location in Spain that we visit for the first time can be influenced by the weather.
A taste of Algeciras
The influence of the Moors on Spanish cooking is well documented. Without it the culinary experience in Spain would be much less exciting, and a whole lot less tasty.
Castles of Andalucia
There are many reasons to see the glorious country of Spain. It is vast.
Tasting Córdoba
People go to Córdoba in Andalucia to see the famous La Mezquita. And I understand why. It is one of the must see buildings in Spain.
Motril, Costa Tropical
I like to see locations in Spain improving their appearance.There have long been plans to build a more cruise liner friendly port at Motril, in the south of Spain.
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